Client Reviews

I have been a client of Royal Treasure Adornments for many years now. She has the amazing gift of feminine revitalization and healing through her adornments. She has made beautiful goddess pieces for me at different stages of my growth, which I will always treasure. Dimi creates each piece to your needs, energy, and healing. She takes time and care to speak with you personally to intuit what you need, and assists you with picking the best types of stones for your creations. Each piece is beautifully crafted, and hand wrapped with a personal note. She also provides amazing customer service! If there are any delays she does not hesitate to contact her clients with timelines. She also offers maintenance service for her creations for a very reasonable fee. I trust and support her work so much, I have referred friends and family to try her services. If you are looking for a body or waist adornment, I highly recommend Royal Treasure Adornments!

-Salaama Milligan, New Jersy, June 2017

I've been a happy customer of Royal Treasures adornments for years. These are very high quality products that last. My first set of waist beads that I ever bought from them 6 years ago is actually still fully functional and intact. You definitely won't regret shopping with Royal Treasures. Tamille Moodie NY 2017

I received Royal Treasures spiritual bath scrub with my waist adornment order.  Dimi explained that I needed to cleanse myself before wearing my my waist adornment.  I did as she instructed for three days.  On the first day,  I put it in a large bowl and mixed with rain water and spring water and washed my body with it.  Thirty minutes later,  my menstrual cycle started!  The next day I felt happy all day although my cycle made me change pads numerous times,  there was no pain and it literally felt like I was shedding old blockages and essences from past loves. Day three my cycle subsided and I had 5 clients!  I really feel that this spiritual bath scrub has opened me up I'm a lot of ways.. To love, life and prosperity.  You gotta get this! 

Ellen Allison MS 2017

It was more than just a shopping experience but a connection to an amazing woman who is dedicated to her craft, producing high quality waist beads, whipped butters, gem stones, herbal remedies and health improving products. Dimi's shop Royal Treasures is truly one of a kind, and more importantly she is kind, loving and supportive. I purchased so many different items from Yoni eggs, waist-lets, magic butter, corset and detox products that enhanced my beauty and sexuality, as well as improved my health. I appreciate your support and wonderful gifts you have given so sincerely. 

Rachael Nicole G. B., New York to Tanzania 2017

Demetria is an artisan and healer. She takes her time creating beautiful works of art to adorn your body or aid in your spiritual practice. My waist beads came in a beautiful red box, wrapped in ribbon and anointed with a delicious rose oil. I've received so many compliments on my beads and will continue to support. She is professional and keeps you updated on the progress of your order. Thank you for amplifying my beauty!

Seradin Veonne NY 2017

I was so happy to receive my waistbeads from Dimi Jewelle, they are powerful and beautiful, I wore them everyday until I was told I need to charge them. I didn't want to remove them, I have (4) by the way. Dimi Jewelle puts a lot of love and care into her beads, you can feel the energy when you open the package. I will continue to get more from her and support her work.

-Yoko-Ono Wynn, MI

​This company and its founder are dedicated to crafting some extremely dynamic body adornments and products. I have been wearing her jewelry and waist beads for over two years now and I am a personal fan of her bath soap line. Especially the citrus soap. Her knowledge of the earthly elements that go into each product assured quality throughout. From the gemstones she uses to the essential oils, Royal Treasures products are Truly Devine. And for putting so much care into the products that you make, Thank You!!!!! 

-Kym Perry, PA


I love the products by royaltreasures!!!! They work so well and everything is all natural!! I want MORE!!!!

-Akida Minor, GA


What I love most about Demetria's waistbeads is the beauty and personalization of them. They possess superior quality. I have had waistbeads done by others and they broke easily and weren't as pretty. I get great feedback on them (when people see them). They are elegant and beautiful. The first ones I received from Demetria were beautiful with stones like rose quartz and jade. I gave it as an offering to the River goddess, although I really did not want to because I felt connected to them. I noticed that when I wore them I was more aroused and open. I even squirted with them and my lover. I feel sensual and protective with my beads and i have bought three in total and will continue to purchase them because of their quality, beauty, and support from Demetria.

-Juju Angeles, NY


Extremely pleased with the beads ordered. Not only was I ask to describe A little of me but my needs thoughts and desires. From there the creativity began! Thank you for your awesome work spirituality and kindness! I shall return! Las Vagas 

-Cecilia Dawson, NV


I love royal treasures products, they are the best, they work great on my skin, and I get a lot of great reviews on my ankh and stones, the mango butter smells great !

-Phillip Elliott, IN


I love natural products and gemstones. I had been looking online for awhile and I met Demetria La Sha on Facebook. I ordered a few products from Royal Treasures and I loved them. My waistbeads are gorgeous and well made. The soap is refreshing and gentle. Her customer service is wonderful as Demetria ensures you are satisfied with her product and that you receive it in a timely manner. If you are into to natural products and gemstones, Royal Treasures is the way to go....

-Gretchen Cobb, NC


I love the personalized service and quality that I receive with every order of waist adornments! The clasps and crystals are carefully selected and crafted together and the customer service is prompt and delightful. Five stars, customer for life.*

-LaShanna Braswell, OH


Its been a good year now, I first got wind of Royal Treasures from a facebook group and took interest in the Ankh piece. I talked with Demetria, the owner and now someone I recommend as my jeweler about the stones I would like in my Ankh piece. I didn't have much knowledge on the matter so her knowledge of what the stones represented aided me in the selection that would compete my Ankh piece. Now it's something of a symbol, an extension of me everyone recognizes and gravitate towards, even my daughter. My daughter would steal my chain! So I requested Demetria's services again... and she made an ankh piece for my daughter as well. She's of royalty, just like her father and Royal Treasures has jewelry that will compliment just that... royalty!

-Rob Martin, TX is a Heaven sent online store. I purchase a rose quartz necklace. The chain is made from leather and the rose quartz is in the shape of a heart held by copper, now that is what I call a power combo of materials. When I saw it online my heart chakra open without it physically being with me yet. The necklace is unique, beautiful and most important healing. Every where I go people ask me about it. I attract so much love from it that I glow all day long.

-Mya Simmons, Detroit MI


Ive been ordering from Royal Treasures since December, 2012. My first piece is a Eudialyte stone ring. I could feel the emotional healing of the stone almost immediately and the ring itself is Nothing short of a masterpiece! When you order from Royal Treasures, be it beautiful custom jewelry or the @amazing skin & beauty soaps and oils, you can be sure to receive a spiritual works of art! Thanks Demetria LaSha! Your siStar,

-Ellen Oshun Allison, MS


You never go wrong with ordering from Royal Treasures Adornments! Im a custome for 3 years now. I have had everything from Waist Adornments, Anklets, Red Clay Soap, Body Butter, Sea Salt Soak, Bracelets, Abundance Oil and Liquid Body Wash... My favorite is the bar soap it lathers up well and has a gem to increase the potency . I try other peoples products but after the first time it is not right will not buy again, but I love Royal Treasures it's made with love.All well made, durable, high quailty, highly vibrational, magical products! There are other's that make waist beads but most do not understand the original spiritual purposes that go with them. Demetria LaSha does! I have manifested many of my desires with the waist adornments and abundance oil. The skin care products helped me tremdously with my blemishes and break outs. Thank you for taking for much pride in your work!

I'm a customer for life!

-Regina Mosley, GA


OK.. I have to tell you all, I just rec'd these AMAZING Products and I am IN LOVE.... If you want smmoooth silky skin this is the product... It has a wonderful smell and I am truly addicted... And needless to say I will be ordering the whole line... I finally found a product that is NOT greasy and it has all the benefits that your skin/body needs.... The results are IMMEDIATE!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will be putting out next... CAN'T WAIT!!!! These products are a must have!!!!

-Marie Antoinette Mulder, NJ 


Peace! I had received an ABUNDANCE OIL from Demetria LaSha that was FABULOUS! The fragrance, the texture, and affects/results have been greatly positive. I use the oils EVERYTIME I enter a business meeting or interview (or anything important for that matter) and have always left with a positive impression upon my clients. You can tell from your first experience with the oils she personally makes that she knows what she's doing! Very carefully prepared and they are  even empowered with crystals and quartz. You will be greatly appreciative using her oils! All it took for me was one I'm hooked! Like I say about all information, "take not my word for it, but rather experience it for yourself!" You will not regret it! Thank you again for the oils Demetria! Each day brings a new blessing... Just gotta keep the mind open! :^)

-Odalo Wasikhongo, WI


Demetria's waist beads are fabulous. i have three of them and they really keep my spirit balanced. the quality is great and she will make special orders for you as well. i cant wait for my next set of waistbeads. love them!!!!

-angela carter, CA


love it.....youre pieces are sooo beautiful and creative! i also, love that you get back to your customers right away despite you being busy, weither by email or phone! i am very satisfied with your work. i get sooo many compliments. thanks soooo much. i look foward to ordering more from you in the near future! be blessed xoxo

-Blessed Barnett, NY


Got my waistbeads Friday as U promised and had a WONDERFUL weekend Thanks so much!

-Zaakiya Graham, NY


I purchased several beautiful and unique pieces from Royal Treasures. They came beautifully wrapped and scented.I receive compliments on them everytime,I wear them.My favorite is the pink rose quartz heart necklace,I buy outfits to wear around it. I haven't seen one like it.

-Angela Evette, Detroit, MI


What I love most about Royal Treasures adornments are the custom orders. Whatever idea I may come up with is happily and promptly created for me. I've been a loyal customer for almost 2 years and have always been happy with my orders.

-Tamille Moodie, NY


I love my King Solomon necklace piece. Demetria does beauty work and she was easy to get into contact with about my order. I don't normally wear jewelry or anything similar, but the necklace really matched my personality and everyone compliments me on it. I now wear it every day.

-Robert Brown, NC