6 Weeks Gemstones Course

What You will learn from this course?

Gemstones for Metaphysical & Physical Use

Various ways to use gemstones. Categories include Love, Finances, Spiritual, Intuition, Protection etc etc

Gemstones cleansing methods

Gemstones charging methods

Gemstones used in combination for the best results

Gemstones for astrological signs & chakras

Gemstones shapes, cut and colors and what they mean

Mineral make up of certain gemstones

How to make gemstone elixirs blends for love, mental focus, intuition, abundance, motivation etc

Meditation with Gemstones/Crystals

Begins August 16th, Wednesday nights 8pm

2.5 Hours 

On Zoom

Students who complete all 6 classes receive a Certificate of Completion & a medium Rose Quartz Crystal

$33 each Class (automatic payment) Pay per class, Cancel any time

$198 Full Course Payment

Full Payment $198