Produces a strong, but gentle, loving energy that stimulates the mind, lifts depression and encourages a dynamic and positive outlook. Soothes emotional stress, to overcome shyness and nervousness and to encourage feelings of self worth.
Enhance creativity and to bring peace and tranquility during meditation. Good for relationships, especially for those who feel unloved, and is believed to be valuable in attracting a soul mate.
Clear's away emotional wounds and scars from the past and enable forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others. Aids in fulfillment of your highest potential, builds confidence and alleviates confusion. bring the sweetness and lightness back into life and is good to use in times of stress.
Help's you to get rid of emotional hang-ups and to free you from feelings of shame, guilt and inhibition. Encourages you to forget your worries and enhances emotional clarity allowing you to see things as they really are, free from assumptions based on past experiences.
Attract love into your life maintaining it and making it grow. Encourages you to have loving thoughts and actions, reducing stress and helping you to appreciate and enjoy your life. Help you become aware of ignored, unfulfilled needs and to aid you in recognizing and releasing unexpressed feelings and emotions. Remove resistance to healing, either conscious or unconscious.
Heals and Activates the Heart Chakra
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    Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Pink Opal, Morganite, Pink Coral, Pink Lepidolite Stainless Steel Clasp w/ 2 inches chain

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