Emotional Healer

Emotional Healer

Emotional Healer 

Pink & Blue Coral

Pink: Heart Chakra, increases sensitivity, caring, compassion. Pink Coral offers a boost to the emotional body in addition to areas of the physical often effected by the emotions. On the physical level Pink Coral targets those areas strongly influenced by the emotions. These areas include (but are not limited to) the stomach, heart, breasts and sexual organs. Pink Coral facilitates regeneration and revitalization to restore the optimum in functionality. For instance, Pink Coral works well on the stomach lining, assisting in the healing of ulcers. In the heart area Pink Coral's energies saturate the tissues of the organ. It’s a positive energy booster.
It brings freeing energy into stuck and/or frozen parts within the emotional and physical bodies.
Great for people who feel they've reached a plateau or are at a dead end. Those can benefit from these re-energizing vibrations leading them to the next step.
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    Blue: activates and energizes the Throat Chakra. Also used to illuminate the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic awareness and capabilities of the user. Facilitates the improvement/permanence in pursuit of commerce, improves communication abilities, treatment of throat ailments and cleansing of mucous system Energized healing gemstones to adorn your waist Stainless steel clasp and 1 inch chain

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