Fertility- Yemaya Waist Adornment Set

Fertility- Yemaya Waist Adornment Set

Waist Adornment & Bracelet

Stainless Steel Clasp with 1 inch chain

Aquamarine, White Coral, Moonstone, White Jade, Angelite, Larimar, Peacock Blue Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver Mermaid
+Clasp & Strand
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    Adornment comes fully charged for fertility Intuition, Feminine Energy, Water Element, Healing of Reproductive Organs, Courage, Communication, Promotes a natural strong hormonal balance to women, and help alleviate menstrual pain, promotes fertility, and eases pain during childbirth. Calming, Balance, Peace, Tranquility, Confidence, Soothing, Clears the mind of negative thoughts to enable positive decision making.

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