PumPum Powdered Incense

PumPum Powdered Incense


This is a incense created from channel from spirit during meditation. Used to smoke out the vagina and home space. Purifies the energy in your home and brings in harmony, clarity and adundance. I wanted something to use in conjunction to the yoni steam, so I have used these 2 together in sequence ritual. If youve have been in a toxic relationship and afterwards you have a hard time getting yourself back on track.  It will help you get the ghost out of your pussy and stop attracting that same energy. Raise your frequency. Attract better and richer men to you. It assist you in clarity and understanding your emotions and releasing attachment. Your womb can attract all you desire, but not if there is blockage. Of course also work on your self worth & mental issues. Know you are worthy of the great things you desire and deserve them.

Put this on a lite charcoal and squat over the smoke(I like the fire horse stance, it burn the inner thighs when doing it but, If feel it helps in altering the mind in the ritual process) open lips of vagina, allow smoke to enter, keep your mind focused. Speak & invoke exactly what you need and desire. Use along with certain mantras or goddesses for your specifc situation. Email me if you need certain mantras etc. Speak to you yoni and connect with her, get on one accord. Inhale the smoke. Meditate and Visualize your needs and deisres. Also has the tightening and freshing effect that we all love.

Some of the herbs in this are cinnamon, frankincense, orange peels, roses, carnations, cloves, sage etc etc etc

Over 22 herbs, resins, flowers, essential oils and barks

Smoking the vagina with herbs etc is just as anicent as steaming it

No signs of harm to the private area

4 oz