Purple Menstrual Cup - Small

Purple Menstrual Cup - Small


* New 100% Medical silicone soft Menstrual Period Cup Size Small 

* Material:medical silicone

* Size: S Cup Diameter: 4cm  Total Length: 7.5cm



* Package Included:

1 X menstrual cup


Usage and Tips:

The handle can be trimmed to fit each women's vagina.

Sterilize the menstrual cup in boiled water 2-3 minutes. (The cup will not be 


Once your menstrual cup is in place, give it a gentle spin to help set it in place.

The menstrual cup creates a vacuum seal inside you, preventing leaks.

You can wear a menstrual cup up to 12 hours!

Break the seal before removing your menstrual cup.


Operation details:

Before handling the Menstrual Cup, make sure that your hands are thorougly clean.

Sterilize the Cup before the first insertion.

Recommend to insert the cup any of following positions: sitting, squatting, kneeling or standing-try one of these positions and choose what is most suitable for you.

To facilitate the insertion, you can moisten the Cup with water or water 

based lubrication gel.

Grip the Cup with your fingers and press.

Afterward fold the Cup lengthwise in half using fingers of the other hand.

Hold the Cup using fingers of one hand at the lowest position possible and insert the 

Cup in the vagina obliquely, toward the back.

The proper position of the Cup is lower than in case of tampons. Upon insertion in 

the vagina, release the fingers and let the Cup unfold fully and adhere to the wall.


Pls notice that  the Mentrual cup is for private using, Return is not allowed.