Vagina pearls

Vagina pearls

This is for 3 Yoni Pearl's

The Yoni Vaginal Cleansing Gems Organic Detox Pearl, Detox Feminine Vaginal Womb aka Yoni Pearls are all natural snd are used by women to aid in cleansing and detoxifying the yoni. The benefits of cleansing and detoxing are to maintain a healthy acidic environment and maintain a healthy Ph balanced environment at pH 4.5.

Usage Notice:
1. Should not be used by pregnant women and during menstruation (wait 3 days after last day menstruation)
2. Do not use on allergic patients
3. Discontinue use if abnormal reaction occurs or itching and painful vulvae. Wait 1-2 days and continue use after symptoms disappear.
4. Never use excessive force.

All Pearls purchase includes usage description in the pack.

Borneol, pseudo-ginseng, ligusticum wallichii, frankincense, myrrh, the root of red-rooted salvia, safflower, peach kernel, polygonum caspidatum, root bark of peony tree, radices saussureae, Lignum santali albi, rhizoma cyperi, radix

Storage: Sealed and Kept in Cool and Dry Place

Shelf Life: 24 months

1. 1 pellet in 1 aluminum foil bag, 2.2 g/bag