Waist Adornment  Work Shop


2017, I will be teaching classes on How to Create Your Own Beautiful & Professional Waist Adornment and How to Consecrate Your Waist Adornment for Specific Purposes 


The Spiritual aspect of waist beads are whats most important.


Who is this class for?

You. Anyone who Truly loves waist beads and what they represent. Anyone who wants to make themselves a new waist adornment anytime to get some new energy. Anyone who wants to pick  up a new skill/hobby to make some extra cash assisting others with spiritual matters. Great for All Women. Great for Teenagers. 


Classes are $80 per person

Supply Kit included

5-10 Students per class


Classes will be held on Saturdays & Sundays 

4-6 Hours


Contact me directly dimijewelle.com